The makers of Star Wreck

Samuli Torssonnen
Samuli Torssonnen

Hi Samuli, hi Timo – can you tell us something about you two?

Samuli Torssonnen: Sure. I was a huge Star Trek fan and that lead me to this path :) I’ve done animations/movies since I was 14 years old. Now I’m almost 27 years old – and still I don’t have a „real job“ but I think this movie and the next one WILL my real job :)

Timo Vuorensola: Hi! I’m Timo Vuorensola, 25 from Tampere, Finland, and the director of the movie. I’ve been messing around with videos – short films and music videos, as well as acting, also, for about ten years now, and Star Wreck: ITP is my first feature film. I can’t personally say that I’m a fan of Star Trek – actually, I’ve barely seen even ten episodes of Star Trek in my life – but I’m a big fan of science fiction as a genre.

Timo Vuorensola
Timo Vuorensola

How did you came up with the idea to make Star Wreck?

Samuli Torssonnen: Just too much Star Trek I guess. Doing my own stuff has always been my interest.

What kept you at Star Wreck since 1992 and did it cause permanent brain damage?

Samuli Torssonnen: I really don’t know, I’ve asked that myself as well … I think you have to be a little crazy to do something like this – basically put your life on hold for severals years …

When I saw the first Star Wreck episodes years ago, I have almost pissed myself laughing during the dialogues with Fukov. Unfortunately that scenes got lost in later episodes and came up again in Star Wreck 6 – why?

Timo Vuorensola: We also found a good actor for Fukov, which was one of the basic things that needed to be in order before starting to bring an animated, funny-voice cartoon character – as Fukov was in the earlier Star Wrecks – to life. Janos Honkonen proved to be a skillful actor with ability to change, and that was exactly what we were looking for. We needed the actor for Festerbester as well, because in the original Star Trek and Babylon 5, the characters (Chekov & Fester) are played by the same guy. We (and he, especially) did pretty good, because not nearly everybody even noticed that the actor was even the same.

How long did it take to persuade the guys who played the Korg drones in Star Wreck 5 and why to hell do they smile in such a stupid way?

Samuli Torssonnen: Why can’t korg smile? :D Maybe the korg were so stupid so they smiled…I told my friends not to smile, but I can’t blame them, they were on front of a camera for the first time in their life. The korg guys were (and still are) my friends, so they didn’t need any persuation at all :) They wanted to be in a movie of course!

What do your girlfriends or wifes say, because you invest so much time in this project?/b>

Samuli Torssonnen: Well, they said something, I can recall that :) But an artist is an artist, and they could have chosen an „easier boyfriend“ if they had liked, but I guess they preferred the challenge. :) No pain no gain. :)

Die Star-Wreck-Crew
Die Star-Wreck-Crew

Is it correct, that there is a brand of Chips called „MEGAPUSSI!“ in Finland? If yes: How do they taste?

Samuli Torssonnen: It refers to package size only. I really didn’t taste them. There were actually nails in the bag when we filmed that scene :)

What do you think about the movie-industry and their conservative policy, in particular against (legal) downloads of films?

Timo Vuorensola: That’s the future for sure. Of course, the people who’ve given the money for films need to get them back or the whole movie business will stop, but the answer is not in holding to the last thread your film/episode, but to make it available for cheap prize, quick and easy good quality download plus maybe even good subtitles. They will have to challenge the pirate business, and if they would look a bit further, they might find ways to do it so that it would be the best choise for both the viewer (the customer) and themselves. If you put your stuff for download for reasonable price (like renting a movie or something like that) for free, it won’t affect the DVD sales that much – it just gives a good competitor with the harder, not-100%-proof quality and also maybe slower pirate downloads. But this is a swamp they are struggling in, and I’m afraid that the decision-makers have taken a wrong turn there.

Do you guys play computer games?

Timo Vuorensola: It’s too bad there hasn’t been time for playing games at all. Last one I bought was Civilization II and that’s SO many years ago. Although, now that the movie is finished, I’m looking forward in getting Alan Wake, Remedy’s new adventure, but most likely they’ll put it out so late that we are already working on a next movie. So no chance to play there, also …

Be Cool!
Be Cool!

The typical questions: Have you ever been to Austria? / Are there kangaroos in Austria?

Timo Vuorensola: Haven’t been to Austria, although my friend was there for a year as an exchange student and he loved the country very much.

Samuli Torssonnen: No, I haven’t been in Austria. Kangaroos are in Australia, I guess some people might confuse them.

Is there anything you want to tell our readers (piece of advice, threats, …)?

Timo: Star Wreck will be out for free download on 1.10. from, get it and spread the word, and rate us at!

Thanks for your time and answering our questions, but one litte question: Star Wreck 7, a topic?

Timo Vuorensola: Energia is already working our asses off gathering ideas for the next movie, but we surely don’t know what it will be.

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