Sometimes you got to squeeze … (en)

We got the opportunity to chat with the creators of Gish:

Hello, would you please introduce yourself to our readers? And who are the guys behind Gish?

Edmund: Im Edmund McMillen, art and design.

Alex: I’m Alex Austin, programming and design.

Josiah Pisciotta: I helped with design, testing, and resource compilation for Gish

What are the good things and the less good things about being an indie-developer?

Edmund: Good: we don’t look like sellouts, Less Good: not as many people take you seriously till you sell out.

Josiah: The best thing about being an indie-developer is we get to work on the projects we want to work on. We don’t have people telling us what to do.

Gish was one of the most interesting indie-games of last year, has it sold well? Is there still a market for 2d jump & runs and 2d games in general?

Edmund: seeing as the gba was the best selling system for the past few years and 99% of its games are 2d id say 2d the market very alive.

Alex: Gish has sold well for an indie game, which means it’s made about as much as an EA producer spends for lunch.

With Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable there are two new handhelds in town. Have you never thought of bringing Gish to one of these machines or any other console?

Edmund: We cant doodle that kind of information at this point in time

Alex: We have thought about it.

There certainly were features that you were not able to complete and implement in Gish, would you name a few of them and why was their integration prevented?

Edmund: Originally Gish had a goo whip that he would use to swing around levels, kinda like wik, that was cut early on along with a few other abilities because it they weren’t essential to game play, we wanted to keep things simple and fun. there was also a whole chapter, and about 10 bad guys that were cut due to time restraints.

Alex, I’ve read your Gish-postmortem, and I remember a very interesting line in it. You said something like „dealing with publishers is usually such a pain in the ass“. What did you mean by that?

Alex: As an indie developer, publishers usually think that they can take advantage of you, that you’re desperate for a deal, so they won’t offer anything decent. There’s no reason for us to get ripped off when we can sell games on our own just fine.

Not a very long time ago Ron Gilbert wrote a sensation-causing comment on the state of the gaming press and demanded more interest in the indie scene from the magazines. What was the reaction of the gaming press on Gish? Was it hard to get coverage in the big magazines?And do you feel like you and your game were treated fair?

Edmund: We were flat out denied by quite a few big name magazines and websites right off the bat. we got a lot of "if its not in stores, we wont review it" responses. but there were a few big name magazines that did support us like PC gamer UK, Mac World and the New York times.

Ron also said „Indie gaming could be the future of anything creative in this business“. Do you think this is true? Are big publishers like for example Activision or EA not interested in financing creative projects?

Alex: I definitely think that is true, I don’t see anything interesting coming from the big publishers, when they spend millions of dollars on development they aren’t going to take any risks. I think you will see a lot of talented people leaving the big studios and making more creative games on their own.

Is creativity selling?

Alex: Yes, it may take a while for people to find them, but once they see that games can be better they will begin to expect it.

Have some of you guys ever been to Austria or at least tasted an Austrian beer? You know, this would surely improve the future ratingsof your games here at… ;)

Alex: If I have to drink beer to get better ratings, then I will do what I have to do.

Josiah: Not yet, but I would like to so you can count me in also.

What can we expect next of the Gish development team?

Edmund: A series of life size blow up dolls curtsey of

Alex: Expect the expected.

Is there anything else you want to tell our readers? Here’s the chance to do it. :)

Alex: I’d like to tell each of your readers to purchase all of our games twice.

Guys, thank you very much for your time!

Alex: Thanks.

Josiah: Thanks.

Cool? Dann erzähl doch anderen davon! Danke! :)