So gut kann Gothic 2 heute dank Moddern aussehen

Einfach nur lässig. Das Spiel ist aus 2002! Die Anleitung zum Nachmodden findet ihr in der Youtube-Beschreibung.

I combined DirectX11 feature which is enhancing Gothic 2 massively + L’Hiver mod which is completely reworking buildings,terrain etc… and i installed high quality texture replacements for almost all objects in game.
D3D11-Renderer is bringing many DirectX11 features like tessellation,hbao+,dynamic shadows etc…
When you complete installation below, you can open special graphic menu with pressing F11 where you can match graphic settings to your computer performance


►1.◄ If you have Gothic 2 Gold Edition from Steam or any other edition and you want to it to work seamlessly on Win 7. 8.1 with mods you have to install System pack, it will bring high resolution support,audio support etc…

Gothic 2 Gold Edition / Gothic 2 + Night of the Raven :
1. Install „GOTHIC2: Gold Edition“
2. Install Gothic2_fix-
3. Install Gothic2_PlayerKit-2.6f.exe
4. Install G2NoTR-SystemPack-1.1.exe
►2.◄ Install L’Hiver-Mod mod :
English Language :
German Language :
Polish Language :

►3.◄ Install D3D11-Renderer, latest version has self updater so you don’t have to worry about more updates :

1. English language and other languages : Just unpack everything to Gothics „system“-folder, ie. „C:\Games\Gothic II\System“…

2. Deutsch version : Es ist wichtig, dass ihr bei diesem Paket den Ordner auswählt, in dem ihr Gothic 2 installiert habt, wie z.B. „C:\Games\Gothic II“

►4.◄ Install high quality textures replacement :

a) – Unpack these to system\GD3D11\textures\replacements

b)… – Unpack these to system\GD3D11\textures\replacements and overwrite any files asked

c)Dark Valley of Mines – if you like Old Valley as in vanilla,wasteland without trees and grass,destroyed by dragons and explosion of a barrier, please install these textures as last step :…

Andre aka Degenerated is creator of this awesome DirectX11 ,here is main webpage of the mod , he is planning to add simulated water, check this video :…

Performance for Gothic with D11-Renderer is drastically improved and it will run smoothly on modern hardware.

Thanks for all your hard work Andre ! Game is already looking amazing and as he releases more updates,it is even more beautiful! You can support andre if you like his work through Paypal

Cool? Dann erzähl doch anderen davon! Danke! :)